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Dental anxiety is a common issue, affecting patients of all ages and backgrounds. It can stem from many different factors, and can cause a range of physical and emotional symptoms. Dr. Ryan Osinski offers gentle, safe sedation dentistry to help patients in Saratoga Springs, NY, relax during their appointments. Patients can receive an oral sedative, nitrous oxide, or IV (intravenous) sedation. In addition, Dr. Osinski is one of only two percent of dentists in New York qualified to offer IV sedation. With his advanced training, he can ensure your comfort and safety. Contact My Saratoga Dentist PLLC to learn more about dental sedation and how it can improve your care.

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Are You a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Unfortunately, many suffering from dental anxiety put off regular dental care, placing themselves at higher risk for decay, gum disease, and other serious concerns. Dental phobia can manifest differently for each patient. You may struggle with spinning thoughts or insomnia leading up to a dental appointment. Dental anxiety can also appear as physical symptoms, such as an elevated heart rate or nausea.  However, sedation dentistry can help you feel at ease in our office, enabling you to receive vital oral health care.

Dr. Osinski may also suggest sedation dentistry prior to dental surgery and other lengthy procedures.  Gentle, safe sedation can dramatically reduce stress and discomfort during extensive treatments.

Why Choose Dr. Osinski?

Dr. Osinski has extensive training and experience in sedation dentistry. He is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and has also received NYS (New York State) certification in parenteral and IV sedation. To further ensure your safety and wellbeing, he will use advanced technology to check your vital signs throughout your treatment. Our monitoring equipment includes capnography, electrocardiography (ECG), blood pressure monitoring, and pulse oximetry.

Types of Sedation Available

Dr. Osinski offers three types of dental sedation. Before your treatment, he will evaluate your needs and help you choose the right option for you.

IV sedation

IV sedation offers the deepest form of sedation, and can provide significant benefits when administered by Dr. Osinski. IV sedation creates a more controlled experience. When medications pass through your digestive system, your body’s response can vary significantly. In contrast, IV medications will enter directly into your blood stream, allowing more predictable results. Dr. Osinski has extensive training in IV sedation, and is one of only two percent of dentists able to provide IV sedation in the state of New York. He will monitor your body’s response throughout the treatment, and can adjust the level of medication, as needed.

Because of the many benefits of IV sedation, Dr. Osinski recommends this method most often. This sedation option can also be combined with oral sedation with those who suffer from severe dental anxiety. In addition, because of its long-lasting effects, IV sedation will require that you receive a ride home after your procedure.

If you have let fear keep you from the dentist, dental sedation can help you comfortably receive the vital care you need.

Oral sedation

In some cases, Dr. Osinski may suggest oral sedation. He will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication, which you will take before you come into the office. He can prescribe varying doses, which will determine the level of sedation you experience. At the highest doses, the medications can induce a twilight sleep, during which you will be conscious, but unlikely to remember any of your procedure. Lower doses will simply ease your nerves. If you suffer from particularly severe dental anxiety, Dr. Osinski may combine oral and IV sedation.  You will not be able to drive while using oral sedation, so you will be required to receive a ride to and from our office for your treatment.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is more commonly called laughing gas. This odorless gas takes effect rapidly, making you feel relaxed or even euphoric. Nitrous oxide will also wear off quickly, and you will typically be able to drive yourself home from the office.

Stress-free Dental Care

 If you have let fear keep you from the dentist, dental sedation can help you comfortably receive the vital care you need. Contact our office to learn more about sedation and to benefit from Dr. Osinski’s expert care. 

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