Advanced Periodontal Care to Treat Gum Disease and Protect Your Smile

Gum disease can wreak havoc on your oral health, and it can also have serious consequences for your overall health and wellness. Fortunately, Dr. Ryan Osinski provides all aspects of periodontal care at his Saratoga Springs, NY, office. He uses gentle, effective techniques to treat moderate to severe gum disease. Treatment options at My Saratoga Dentist PLLC, include scaling and root planing, topical antibiotics, and oral surgery. Dr. Osinski also provides a periodontal maintenance program to monitor your oral health and help you continue proper care at home.

What Is Gum Disease?

When oral bacteria build up in your mouth without treatment, they can eventually lead to gum disease. Although bacteria will first gather on your teeth and along your gum line, they can rapidly multiply and move deep into your soft and hard tissues. As they spread, the bacteria will create pockets in your gums. In turn, these pockets can cause the tissues to pull away from your jawbone and dental roots. When this occurs, you could experience significant sensitivity, bleeding, and tissue recession. Alarmingly, your teeth may also start to loosen or even fall out.

Illustration of normal tooth and one with periodontitis

Poor dental hygiene is the number one cause of gum disease. In addition to insufficient dental care, there are several other things that can lead to gum disease. Risk factors include:

  • Smoking
  • A family history of periodontitis
  • Alcohol use
  • Specific medications
  • A diet high in sugar or refined starches
  • Advanced age
  • A compromised immune system

To preserve your oral health, you must schedule your routine exams and cleanings at My Saratoga Dentist PLLC. You should also take proper care of your teeth at home. Be sure to brush at least twice daily. Flossing and rinsing with antimicrobial mouthwash is also essential.

Periodontal Treatments at Our Office

Dr. Osinski offers various periodontal treatment options. After evaluating your oral health and the state of your gums, he can determine the most effective option for you.

  • The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. At this stage, bacteria have not yet formed pockets in your gums. A routine cleaning is usually sufficient if you are suffering from this condition.
  • Scaling and root planing is the most common treatment for moderate gum disease. During this procedure, Dr. Osinski or a member of his team will remove pockets of bacteria, using gentle techniques that will not irritate the rest of your gums. Then we will smooth your tooth roots, eliminating the rough spots that can trap harmful bacteria.
  • If you have suffered significant gum recession as a result of periodontitis, Dr. Osinski may perform a restorative oral surgery such as a gum graft. Typically using your own tissue, he can rebuild the damaged area of your gums to cover your tooth roots and prevent tooth loss.
  • Often, gum disease can lead to jawbone recession. In these cases, you may benefit from osseous periodontal surgery. Using advanced techniques, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Dr. Osinski can promote new bone growth.
  • We also provide a periodontal maintenance program. When you come in for your routine visits, Dr. Osinski will track any changes in your gum health. We can then recommend appropriate care before you experience significant dental damage. Our team can also help you improve your oral hygiene habits and routines for the best at-home care.

The Importance of Periodontal Care

If you are suffering from the symptoms of periodontitis, or if you have been diagnosed with the condition, timely treatment is vital. Without proper care, bacteria can eat away at your gums, and you can experience widespread tooth loss. In addition, gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions, including heart attack, dementia, respiratory problems, and stroke. Effective, thorough periodontal care like My Saratoga Dentist PLLC can provide may actually extend your life.

Protect Your Oral and Overall Health

Do not neglect an extremely important aspect of your oral and physical health. Contact us today for the periodontal care you need. 

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