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While a bright, sparkling smile can exude confidence, dental stains can detract from its beauty and impact your quality of life. Discoloration is a common problem, resulting from certain food and drinks, medications, age, and the environment. To address these concerns, we offer teeth whitening treatments at our Saratoga Springs, NY, practice. These professional solutions can lighten your smile by up to seven shades, for a dramatic transformation. Our in-office treatment is safe and effective, and it only takes one appointment to achieve the desired results. At My Saratoga Dentist, PLLC, we also offer take-home whitening kits for your convenience. Dr. Ryan Osinski can explain both methods at your consultation, helping you choose the type that suits your goals, budget, and lifestyle.

What Causes Dental Stains?

Most commonly, dental stains appear because of food and beverages. Dark-colored items, such as coffee, berries, and red wine, contain molecules called chromogens. When you routinely consume these items, the pigmented molecules can adhere to your enamel, causing extrinsic, or external stains. Over time, your smile can develop an off-white, yellow, or even brown tint. Smoking can have a similar effect, since the molecules from tar and tobacco cling to your teeth.

At My Saratoga Dentist, we use the proven Opalescence® brand of teeth whitening. Our in-office treatment is especially popular because the results are immediately visible.

In other instances, you may develop internal (or intrinsic) stains. This type of discoloration often appears because of medications, particularly those containing tetracycline. Such drugs may cause internal stains while teeth are still developing beneath the gum line. Dental infection can also cause a tooth to slowly darken from the inside. While teeth whitening cannot remove intrinsic stains, Dr. Osinski can recommend a different cosmetic treatment that may be more appropriate, such as veneers, bonding, or crowns.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

At My Saratoga Dentist, we use the proven Opalescence® brand of teeth whitening. Our in-office treatment is especially popular because the results are immediately visible. During treatment, Dr. Osinski or his hygienist will coat your teeth in a special gel. The material will contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which will act as a whitening agent. Because the gel is precisely formulated, the amount of peroxide is both safe and effective. It will not damage your teeth or noticeably inflame your gum tissue. Instead, it will start an oxidation reaction, and oxygen molecules will penetrate your enamel to eliminate the stained molecules. To achieve the most dramatic results, Dr. Osinski will usually need to apply several coats of gel. Even so, the treatment should only take about one hour. 

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening imageWe often recommend take-home whitening to touch up the results of your office treatment. It can also be a good option on its own, especially if you do not have a specific timeline for your treatment. We can provide a set of custom-made trays, which you can fill with professional whitening gel. Although this material will perform the same function as the gel used in the office, it will have a lower concentration of peroxide. Thus, you can safely administer your own treatment without worrying about discomfort or dental damage. If you wear the trays for thirty minutes every day, it will usually take about two weeks to complete an at-home whitening regimen.

Immediate and Long-Term Results

Both types of whitening offer similar effects and can lighten your smile by up to seven shades. Nonetheless, results vary for everyone, depending largely on the cause and degree of the initial discoloration. Your whiter smile can last for months with proper care. Of course, food, drink, and age can cause new stains to appear. Fortunately, when you receive regular touch-ups, you can prolong your treatment results indefinitely. Touch-ups can take place in the office or at home, depending on your preferences. To further protect the shade of your teeth, you should avoid stain-causing foods, and you should practice thorough and ongoing dental hygiene.

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